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Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany

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Tree: haseley
Latitude: 53.1333333, Longitude: 11.9166667


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bartel, Anna Augusta  14 May 1872Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I27418 haseley 
2 Bartel, Ferdinand August Carl  11 Nov 1867Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I25203 haseley 
3 Bartel, Gustav Johann  2 Apr 1876Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I6708 haseley 
4 Bartel, William  Mar 1879Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I14784 haseley 
5 Beccue, Abraham  10 Mar 1798Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I7229 haseley 
6 Beccue, Auguste Charlotte Jules  19 Sep 1834Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I7232 haseley 
7 Beccue, Jean  13 Apr 1795Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I7223 haseley 
8 Beccue, Jean Charles  20 May 1824Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I7225 haseley 
9 Dehou, Madalaine  Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I7218 haseley 
10 Durow, Christian Ferdinand  24 Jan 1854Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I26135 haseley 
11 Hoffmeister, Carl Gottfried  10 Feb 1820Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I10937 haseley 
12 Hoffmeister, Christian Friedrich  20 Jul 1784Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I5072 haseley 
13 Hoffmeister, Dorothea Caroline  28 Jan 1824Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I10941 haseley 
14 Hoffmeister, Ernestine Christine  17 Aug 1825Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I5079 haseley 
15 Hoffmeister, Johann Gottfried  11 Mar 1819Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I5078 haseley 
16 Hoffmeister, Johanna Charlotte  14 Feb 1831Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I9274 haseley 
17 Hoffmeister, Justine Christine  20 May 1817Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I5076 haseley 
18 Hoffmeister, Karl Wilhelm  11 Dec 1827Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I4287 haseley 
19 Hoffmeister, Maria Marguerite Christine  9 Sep 1815Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I5075 haseley 
20 Hoffmeister, Wilhelmine Louise Caroline  20 Dec 1821Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I5077 haseley 
21 Parchert, Henriette Ernestine Malvina  26 Sep 1834Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I22436 haseley 
22 Reichen, Dorothea  28 Mar 1745Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I13574 haseley 
23 Schulz, Friedrich Wilhelm Christian  6 Aug 1819Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I5186 haseley 
24 Stahl, Auguste Anne Marie  Oct 1864Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I43286 haseley 
25 William, Charles Frederic  27 Nov 1848Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I7234 haseley 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 DeVantier, David  13 Jan 1802Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I11516 haseley 
2 DeVantier, Elisabeth  20 Apr 1786Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I9113 haseley 
3 DeVantier, Elisabeth  28 Jul 1829Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I11520 haseley 
4 DeVantier, Marie Elisabeth  16 Dec 1775Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I9109 haseley 
5 Hoffmeister, Christian Friedrich  1833Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I5072 haseley 
6 Hoffmeister, Johann Christian  31 Dec 1797Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I13573 haseley 
7 Hoffmeister, Johann Gottfried  22 Mar 1819Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I5078 haseley 
8 Reichen, Dorothea  8 Jul 1815Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany I13574 haseley 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Hoffmeister / Winkel  5 Nov 1812Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany F1683 haseley 
2 Fleith / Hoffmeister  24 Oct 1841Gramzow, Brandenburg, Germany F1686 haseley