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England, United Kingdom

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Tree: dunn
Country : Latitude: 52.8000000, Longitude: -1.5000000

Tree: haseley
Latitude: 52.8000000, Longitude: -1.5000000


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  1873England, United Kingdom I31996 haseley 
2 Isabella  1873England, United Kingdom I20595 haseley 
3 Miria  1857England, United Kingdom I32129 haseley 
4 Susan  Jun 1862England, United Kingdom I15516 haseley 
5 Allard, William  27 Aug 1787England, United Kingdom I9365 haseley 
6 Allard, William  30 Aug 1811England, United Kingdom I9355 haseley 
7 Barry, Mabel F.  1887England, United Kingdom I16968 haseley 
8 Bates, Charlotte E.  Jan 1880England, United Kingdom I30752 haseley 
9 Benham, Elisabeth  3 Jul 1880England, United Kingdom I22010 haseley 
10 Blackburn, Hannah  Dec 1837England, United Kingdom I24956 haseley 
11 Boden, Anna Agnes  15 Jul 1900England, United Kingdom I30736 haseley 
12 Brawn, Thomas  30 Mar 1883England, United Kingdom I30751 haseley 
13 Brawn, Thomas B. Jr.  29 Apr 1904England, United Kingdom I33345 haseley 
14 Brawn, Winifred E.  1904England, United Kingdom I30750 haseley 
15 Brice, Mabel Ellen  1886England, United Kingdom I26052 haseley 
16 Brown, William George  1883England, United Kingdom I26051 haseley 
17 Daunce, Albert Edward  1888England, United Kingdom I19387 haseley 
18 Denny, Richard  17 Aug 1907England, United Kingdom I29910 haseley 
19 Ellis, Elizabeth S.  1831England, United Kingdom I33331 haseley 
20 Garner, Evelyn G.  22 Nov 1903England, United Kingdom I8077 haseley 
21 Garner, James  1871England, United Kingdom I31995 haseley 
22 Hern, Elizabeth  1870England, United Kingdom I27922 haseley 
23 Hewitson, Howard  1880England, United Kingdom I20594 haseley 
24 Hewitson, Jane  22 Aug 1895England, United Kingdom I9392 haseley 
25 Holder, William  England, United Kingdom I30451 haseley 
26 Howard, Edith  1889England, United Kingdom I14057 haseley 
27 Hurdiss, Arthur  1897England, United Kingdom I38161 haseley 
28 Jackson, George Richard  21 Apr 1879England, United Kingdom I27479 haseley 
29 Klingbeil, Meta M.  1893England, United Kingdom I29545 haseley 
30 Lovell, Joseph  Aug 1859England, United Kingdom I32256 haseley 
31 McIllrath, Patricia  England, United Kingdom I7175 haseley 
32 Neal, Mary  1881England, United Kingdom I30009 haseley 
33 Newens, Henry  1875England, United Kingdom I27921 haseley 
34 Page, Henry C.  1848England, United Kingdom I32128 haseley 
35 Pearce, Alice Florence  1899England, United Kingdom I30221 haseley 
36 Read, George Jesse  Jul 1866England, United Kingdom I15515 haseley 
37 Smead, Leslie Charles  10 Jan 1907England, United Kingdom I31116 haseley 
38 Sparmon, Rev. John Oliver  1864England, United Kingdom I46688 haseley 
39 Stewart, Mary I.  1890England, United Kingdom I32130 haseley 
40 Stuart, Doris M.  1901England, United Kingdom I42913 haseley 
41 Walter, Thomas  1657England, United Kingdom I508 dunn 
42 Waters, Elijah  1871England, United Kingdom I25728 haseley 
43 Webster, Ada A.  1866England, United Kingdom I32076 haseley 
44 Wilkensen, Elsie  1906England, United Kingdom I7491 haseley 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Burow, Albert Heinrich August  14 Sep 1918England, United Kingdom I4075 haseley 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 Burow, Albert Heinrich August  14 Sep 1918England, United Kingdom I4075 haseley 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Military   Person ID   Tree 
1 Burtch, Frederick Robert  1943England, United Kingdom I23847 haseley 
2 Chew, Norman C. McAllister  1943England, United Kingdom I24898 haseley 
3 Duerr, Richard D.  1943England, United Kingdom I17875 haseley 
4 Haseley, Albert Hugo  1944England, United Kingdom I74 haseley 
5 Haseley, Melvin Chester  1944England, United Kingdom I1598 haseley 
6 Heuer, George Wilburt  1942/1945England, United Kingdom I3938 haseley 
7 Heuer, Harold Henry  1944England, United Kingdom I4679 haseley 
8 Sattelberg, Robert I.  1944England, United Kingdom I17480 haseley 
9 Stahl, Norman O.  1943England, United Kingdom I36104 haseley 
10 Strough, Franklin G.  1944England, United Kingdom I37488 haseley 
11 Williams, Karl D.  1942England, United Kingdom I10986 haseley