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Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany

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Tree: haseley
Latitude: 53.3666667, Longitude: 14.2000000


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Baars, Anna  16 Dec 1877Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I8556 haseley 
2 Baars, Auguste M.  6 Jan 1875Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I8554 haseley 
3 Baars, Christian Friedrich  5 Mar 1845Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I5348 haseley 
4 Baars, Fredericka  1880Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I8557 haseley 
5 Baars, Maria  17 Aug 1876Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I8555 haseley 
6 Bouillion, Wilhelmina Frederike Ernestine  8 Jan 1840Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I29443 haseley 
7 DesJardins, Suzanne  1770Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I4183 haseley 
8 DeVantier, Abraham  13 Jul 1720Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I9112 haseley 
9 DeVantier, Abraham  22 Feb 1725Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I9114 haseley 
10 DeVantier, Charlotte  11 Feb 1765Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11530 haseley 
11 DeVantier, Charlotte  12 Jan 1775Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11533 haseley 
12 DeVantier, David  12 Mar 1710Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I7690 haseley 
13 DeVantier, David  15 Jan 1743Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11516 haseley 
14 DeVantier, Elisabeth  14 Jun 1721Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I9113 haseley 
15 DeVantier, Elisabeth  8 Aug 1750Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11520 haseley 
16 DeVantier, Ester  24 Sep 1738Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11515 haseley 
17 DeVantier, Esther  13 Feb 1714Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I9110 haseley 
18 DeVantier, Isaac  22 Nov 1698Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11502 haseley 
19 DeVantier, Jacob  2 Aug 1701Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11503 haseley 
20 DeVantier, Jacques  26 May 1718Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I9111 haseley 
21 DeVantier, Jacques  11 Mar 1760Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11527 haseley 
22 DeVantier, Jean  14 Nov 1708Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I9108 haseley 
23 DeVantier, Jean-Henri  5 Jun 1768Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11531 haseley 
24 DeVantier, Jeanne  15 Oct 1733Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11513 haseley 
25 DeVantier, Jeanne  23 Feb 1753Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11522 haseley 
26 DeVantier, Judith  5 Sep 1746Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11517 haseley 
27 DeVantier, Louise  12 Feb 1762Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11529 haseley 
28 DeVantier, Marianne  12 Feb 1762Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11528 haseley 
29 DeVantier, Marie  8 Jan 1736Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11514 haseley 
30 DeVantier, Marie Elisabeth  8 Feb 1712Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I9109 haseley 
31 DeVantier, Pierre  25 Jun 1696Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11501 haseley 
32 DeVantier, Pierre  9 Apr 1758Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11526 haseley 
33 DeVantier, Pierre  5 Jan 1771Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11532 haseley 
34 DeVantier, Rachel  17 Dec 1754Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11523 haseley 
35 DeVantier, Susanne  12 Dec 1751Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11521 haseley 
36 DeVantier, Susanne  1 Mar 1756Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11524 haseley 
37 DeVantier, Susanne  19 Mar 1778Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11534 haseley 
38 Loeschke, Wilhelm Albert  15 Apr 1875Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I4764 haseley 
39 Loeschke, Wilhelmine  Jun 1835Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I25627 haseley 
40 Reinecke, August  16 Dec 1869Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I41387 haseley 
41 Reinecke, Friederike  5 Mar 1872Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I41388 haseley 
42 Schulz, August Friedrich Wilhelm  21 Feb 1860Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I24026 haseley 
43 Schulz, Wilhelm  28 Jun 1828Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I24025 haseley 
44 Schulz, Wilhelm Christian Jr.  1 Feb 1862Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I13697 haseley 
45 Strassburg, Dorothea  21 Dec 1817Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I19466 haseley 
46 Sy, Judith  30 May 1723Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I1949 haseley 
47 Sy, Marie  Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I10815 haseley 
48 William, Philippe  22 Jul 1780Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I21518 haseley 


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 DesJardins, Judith  7 Feb 1740Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I7693 haseley 
2 DesMarets, Abraham  19 Feb 1695Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11760 haseley 
3 DesMarets, Elisabeth  24 Feb 1703/4Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I9620 haseley 
4 DeVantier, Abraham  14 Sep 1724Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I9112 haseley 
5 DeVantier, Abraham  13 Feb 1811Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I9114 haseley 
6 DeVantier, Charlotte  28 Jun 1768Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11530 haseley 
7 DeVantier, David  13 Mar 1794Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I7690 haseley 
8 DeVantier, Ester  1 May 1742Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11515 haseley 
9 DeVantier, Jacques  16 May 1761Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11527 haseley 
10 DeVantier, Jeanne  26 Jul 1737Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11513 haseley 
11 DeVantier, Louise  8 May 1772Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11529 haseley 
12 DeVantier, Pierre  2 Feb 1741Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I7692 haseley 
13 DeVantier, Pierre  10 May 1761Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11526 haseley 
14 DeVantier, Susanne  6 Jun 1755Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11521 haseley 
15 DeVantier, Susanne  9 Nov 1766Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11524 haseley 
16 DeVantier, Susanne  1 May 1803Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I11534 haseley 
17 Hurtienne, Jeanne  9 Jul 1748Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I7691 haseley 
18 Sy, Pierre  23 Feb 1742Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I6267 haseley 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 William, Philippe  1800Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I21518 haseley 
2 William, Phillippe  1770Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany I21516 haseley 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 William / Lejenne  16 Mar 1770Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany F7654 haseley 
2 Beccue / DesJardins  24 May 1803Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany F1346 haseley 
3 Baars / Bluhm  30 Sep 1874Bagemuehl, Brandenburg, Germany F1791 haseley